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Housing and Homelessness law

At A O & Associates Solicitors, we can assist you in all areas of housing matter. If you are renting your property from social landlords such as the Council or Housing Association, and / or you want to register on their waiting list / choice based letting, or you are homeless then you can count on us to give you a comprehensive advice on all aspect of housing and homelessness law. We are reliable, affordable and dependable.

Our Solicitors and Barristers will work directly with you and we will ensure that you receive the best legal advice and representation in all aspect of housing and homelessness law. We recognise that having a suitable housing / accommodation is very important as it contributes to one’s wellbeing therefore, we are happy to go extra miles to make sure that housing and homelessness clients are treated fairly and that we engage local authorities constructively so that homelessness can be reduced to the barest minimum in our society.

You can count on us to assist you professionally and diligently in the following areas:

  • Choice Based Letting / Housing Register / Housing Waiting List
  • Housing Review regarding Choice Base Letting / Housing Register / Housing Waiting List
  • Housing Priority Banding
  • Housing Transfer List
  • Right to buy Council Property
  • Right to acquire Housing Association Property
  • Succession Rights where the main tenant has died
  • Assignment of tenancy
  • Homelessness Applications
  • Homelessness Reviews under Section 202 of the Housing Act 1996 as amended
  • Homelessness Appeals at the County Court under Section 204 of the Housing Act 1996 as amended.

is important to note that Local Authority houses and Housing Association houses are in great demand and it is the case that thousands of applicants are waiting to be housed. Therefore, it is important that you get advice and assistance concerning your housing situation so that you can navigate your ways round housing law which is very complex.

When applying to join the waiting list / choice based letting / housing register, the Council will want you to complete your application online and you will need information such as your income, including welfare benefits, any long-term illness or disability you have, your job history, your savings and any assets you have, where you have lived for the last few years and why you left, and any visa or immigration documents.

We can assist you to make your application to join social housing because getting it right from the start is very important. Likewise, we can assist you in all your homelessness application. If you have no recourse to public funds, then you may not be eligible for social housing under the Housing Act 1996 as amended by the Localism Act 2011. Those in this category can still get housing assistance under Section 17 of the Children Act 1989.

Call us anytime on 07791656969 or 02088548055 or email us at [email protected] to arrange a consultation.


Our fees are affordable and are between £500 and £1200 depending on the complexity of the matter. Please talk to us regarding your housing and homelessness matter.